Boudoir sessions!

I love offering Boudoir Photography!
I am thrilled that you are interested in boudoir photography!  I like to think of it as an extended spa day...but better!  A boudoir session is better because you get to take home images that remind you everyday of how amazing you truly are!  I want to create images that you would be proud to blow up & hang on your bedroom wall.  At every shoot I strive to give you a good mix of tasteful & timeless with a few sexy scandalous photos sprinkled in as well.  If at the end of our day together you feel powerful, feminine & sexy then I have succeeded at my job!  

When you arrive, you will begin your hair and makeup with the extremely talented Shawna Kristynik of Serenity Salon.  She has over a decade of experience and will make you feel so pampered!  
*mini marathon sessions do NOT include eyelashes for sake of time...if you would like to bring your own for her to apply but they must be the strip kind.
It is also best if you come with "dirty" hair (at the very least, 1 day without washing), and a clean face!
It is best to bring something loose (like a robe) to wear while getting your makeup and hair done, as anything else could leave less than desirable marks on your body!  

You are more than welcome to bring a couple of outfits for me to look over and give you my opinion.  Some packages allow time for multiple outfit changes.  Each package varies on this.

A boudoir marathon is a semi-private mini boudoir session, fast paced with back to back sessions all happening on one day! This allows you to get a mini sample of my boudoir experience for a smaller investment!  
This is also a great time to plan a girls weekend, or bachelorette party!  
We will have a Mimosa Bar available as well! So come, have a drink and get pampered!
I only offer these a few times a year, so if you want to be in the know about the next marathon, be sure to sign up for my newsletter!
A marathon session is only 15minutes long.  Just long enough to get a taste of what my full sessions are like, and enough to put together a small momento package!  

**You will NOT be considered a client, and your spot will NOT be safe until your contract is signed, regardless of payment.

Packages begin at $400, contact for details.

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